How is ROR updated?

ROR includes identifiers and metadata for more than 100,000 research organizations.

To see which organizations are already included in the registry, you can:

How to suggest additions and changes to ROR

To suggest additions to the registry or updates to existing records, use the ROR feedback form. New requests automatically create issues in the ror-updates Github repository, which the curation board reviews and processes. You can follow the status of a request on the ROR Updates tracker in Github.

Community-based curation model

ROR is using a community-based curation model to maintain the registry. A community-based curation board reviews registry feedback and decides how the requests should be processed. Approved requests will end up in the queue for metadata preparation so the changes can be deployed on the ROR production site.

Read more about how the registry is being curated.

How often is ROR updated?

Curation requests are reviewed continuously and approved requests are held for deployment in the next release.

Updates are deployed to the API on a rolling basis, typically about twice per month. This schedule is variable, depending the volume and nature of the changes. To see which curation requests were included in a given release, check the ror-updates Github milestones.

A new public data dump is added to Zenodo approximately quarterly.

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