2023-03-16 CSV data dump

By popular demand, starting with today's data release (v1.21), the data dump includes a CSV version of the ROR data file in addition to the canonical JSON file.


2022-12-01 Organization status changes

After a 6-month period of planning, community input and implementation, we've released changes to the API, UI and data dump in order to support cases where an organization has ceased to operate, merged with another organization, was added to ROR in error. Read the rest of this post for complete details!


2022-10-24 Affiliation matching improvements (API only)

Based on user feedback, we've released a set of tweaks to ROR's affiliation matching service focused on improving precision and reducing false positive results. The updated affiliation matching service is now available in production, at the existing affiliation matching endpoint https://api.ror.org/organziations?affiliation=. While the search behavior has changed slightly, request and response format remains remains unchanged. Many thanks to ROR integrators who helped to beta test these improvements! Read the rest of this post for details about the changes.