Data dump

A new ROR dataset with the latest additions and changes is released approximately quarterly. See How is ROR updated? for more information on the curation process.

  • Recent ROR datasets are in Zenodo. You can use the Zenodo API to download them, per the instructions below.

  • ROR datasets prior to Sep 2021 are available from Figshare. Copies will be added to Zenodo soon, so that all ROR data dumps will be available in Zenodo.

All ROR IDs and metadata are provided under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

Data dump format

The ROR data dump is released as a single (zipped) JSON file. See ROR data structure for details about the structure of individual organization records.

Data dump versioning


Beginning with its Mar 2022 release, ROR is curated independently from GRID. Semantic versioning beginning with v1.0 has been added to reflect this departure from GRID, however, the data structure has not changed.

From Mar 2022 onward, data releases are versioned as follows:

  • Minor versions (ex 1.1, 1.2, 1.3): Contain changes to data, such as a new records and updates to existing records. No changes to the data model/structure.
  • Patch versions (ex 1.0.1): Used infrequently to correct errors in a release. No changes to the data model/structure.
  • Major versions (ex 1.x, 2.x, 3.x): Contains changes to data model/structure, as well as the data itself. Major versions will be released with significant advance notice.

For convenience, the date is also include in the release file name, ex:


From Apr 2019 to Sep 2021, changes to ROR data happened in collaboration with GRID. After each GRID release, ROR assigned new IDs to each new organization in GRID and published a new ROR release that corresponded to the most recent GRID release. Releases were named with with a date, ex

GRID announced the sunset of its public data offering in July 2022 and published its final data release in Sept 2021. ROR published a corresponding data release ( in Sept 2021. Both releases contained the same set of organizations, with GRID and ROR IDs assigned to all.

Download ROR data dumps programmatically with the Zenodo API

  1. Get a list of the files in the ror-data community
  1. In the response, look for the URL of the latest file in "hits.hits[0].files[0].links.self
"hits" : {
      "hits" : [
            "conceptdoi" : "10.5281/zenodo.4929692",
            "conceptrecid" : "4929692",
            "created" : "2021-06-11T20:34:10.985321+00:00",
            "doi" : "10.5281/zenodo.4929693",
            "files" : [
                  "bucket" : "ee5e3ae8-81a1-4f49-88ea-6feb09d4d0ac",
                  "checksum" : "md5:3b89efb42b8d6c821758289fe9d075f1",
                  "key" : "",
                  "links" : {
                     "self" : ""
                  "size" : 19731095,
                  "type" : "zip"
  1. Download the file to a local directory using the link
curl -o

For additional information about retrieving files from Zenodo using the API, see