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Data dump

ROR data dumps are available in the ROR Data Zenodo community . A new ROR dataset with the latest additions and changes is released approximately quarterly.

All ROR IDs and metadata are provided under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

Data dump format

The ROR data dump is released as a single (zipped) JSON file. See ROR data structure for details about the structure of individual organization records.

Download ROR data dumps programmatically with the Zenodo API

  1. Get a list of the files in the ror-data community
  1. In the response, look for the URL of the latest file in hits.hits[0].files.links.self
"hits" : {
      "hits" : [
            "conceptdoi" : "10.5281/zenodo.4929692",
            "conceptrecid" : "4929692",
            "created" : "2021-06-11T20:34:10.985321+00:00",
            "doi" : "10.5281/zenodo.4929693",
            "files" : [
                  "bucket" : "ee5e3ae8-81a1-4f49-88ea-6feb09d4d0ac",
                  "checksum" : "md5:3b89efb42b8d6c821758289fe9d075f1",
                  "key" : "",
                  "links" : {
                     "self" : ""
                  "size" : 19731095,
                  "type" : "zip"
  1. Download the file to a local directory using the link
curl -o

For additional information about retrieving files from Zenodo using the API, see

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Data dump

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