ROR identifier pattern

The canonical form of a ROR identifier value (a "ROR ID", the id element in a ROR record) is the entire URL. Therefore, ROR identifier values should be of the form instead of or 02mhbdp94.

ROR identifiers are assigned randomly, not sequentially. The ROR ID of one organization cannot be predicted from the ROR ID of a related organization.

The unique strings in ROR identifiers have a consistent pattern and can be validated with regular expressions. The string consists of 9 characters: a zero followed by 6 characters that can be either lower-case letters or integers followed by 2 integers.

The most precise expression of the ROR ID pattern uses base 32 Crockford encoding, which excludes letters "I", "L", "O", and "U":


The ROR ID pattern can also be expressed using more common regular expression syntax:


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